Our Mission

Our mission/promise is to put mad heart into everything we do & hookup the homies with dope fire!

We’ll be dropping the new-new, even if it’s doo-doo. Just kidding it won’t be doo-doo, but it will be the sh*t. So homie please stick with.

Dxxdle started in 2015. Since then it has evolved. Originally it started as a free portfolio site for homies to showcase their doodles. It was pretty tight. The only downside was we were spending all of our time on phones or behind the computer #notaboutthatlife

We took a much needed hiatus. It was time to reevaluate, outline and find a direction that we were excited to move forward in. So, we asked ourselves a few questions:

What we want to do? Imagine, create, be hands-on and have fun.

Who we want to do it for? The homies, because non-homies suck. To be extra clear, Homies is our way of saying good people.

Why we’re doing it? For FREEDOM. The freedom to create, be ourselves, enjoy work and hookup the homies.

What We Are Not

  • We are not jabronies.
  • We do not outsource our production or use any print-on-demand services.
  • We are not into following trends or biting styles.

What We Are

  • We are driven by creativity, distracted by shenanigans and fueled by laughter.
  • We are 100% hands-on. Everything sold by us is produced by us.
  • We support local businesses and real people.

About Our Website

We’ve dumped a lot of blood, sweat and sleepless nights into developing this website.

Truthfully, it might have been easier to make a picture book #publicschoolsystemkids #collegedropouts #weouthere

We really hope you enjoy every inch of this site!

Thank you for getting this far down the page. It makes us feel like all those hours didn’t go to waste. You, my friend, are a true homie.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us about anything on our contact page.