What is Dxxdle?!

No doubt, grab a stout, kick back and hear us out!

Dxxdle is a free-style, street-style brand. Based off dope, hand-drawn creations. Created for the homies, by the homies. Peep our mission.

We are committed to progression, which can feel painfully slow at times. We are fully self-taught, completely hands-on and wholeheartedly believe you don't have to go to college to get dat nah-ledge! Cha-cha-check out our screen printing and tie-dying process.

As creators we enjoy being random, unique, weird, active, chill, never still, nor bored, on a board, on a beach, with a beach, princess peach, smelly feet, gotta eat, incomplete—

We on that buttering-through-snow-type-flow. So, yo! Before you go. Drop that email below.

Zero Pesticydes

We're on that 100% organic, homegrown slow-grow flow. We can really use your help spreading the good word to some dope homies.

Digging our vibe? Want us to thrive? Project Bad-A$$ keeps us alive.

Contact Us

Got questions, comments, love? We're all earz! Well... actually, we have eyez, thighs and some other parts, too.