Project Bad-A$$

Yo homie, we’re on a mission to have fun & be creative. We’d like to invite you to join the flow on our social media, yo.

What is Project Bad-A$$

Project Bad-A$$ is a program we put together to let our supporters contribute to our social media content. We want to highlight you doing what you love to do by posting pictures and videos that you send us.

You don’t have to be rockin’ our apparel for us to post your content, although it would be tight!

Want to a brand ambassador? Check out our Official Bad-AOfficial Bad-A$$$$ page

Who can contribute content

Any homie who f*cks with our vibe.

Why we’re doing this

We’d like our social media to be less about us and more about the homies.

Project Bad-A$$ our program to highlight our homies doing what they love, while support us at the same time.

What type of content is okay

We want you to have 100% creative control. We just ask for it to be PG-13ish, because there are little homies out there.

100% credit is given to you via your @handle

Creative assistance

Not feeling too creative? We get it that happens to us, too.

Here’s a quick list of things that might inspire you homie… skatin’, surfin’, snowboardin’, bikin’, readin’, tweetin’, eatin’, gardenin’, partayin’, creatin’, chillin’, grillin’, livin’, freestylin’, netflixin’! Really any tip-top shot of you, doing you.

How to send us content

Send your content in an email or DM it to us!

  • send an email to
  • include your picture/video
  • optionally: include a message and/or @handle (so we can tag you)

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Our inspiration

Project Bad-A$$ gets it’s name from the hilarious t.v. show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If you haven’t seen it before, we suggest watching them all.

Below is a clip of the real Project Bad-Ass performed by Mac. It’s cool if you replay it 100 times, we did!