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D’emblem is our legacy, it stands for Dope Emblem. Wearing a (Black) D’emblem shirt you instantly become a homie that’s part of our squad! We drew this using a sharpie and if you look long enough you can see it spells out Dxxdle. Let’s get it!

Check out the other styles: Black + Tie-Dye, Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal + Tie-Dye!

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  • We screen print onto 100% cotton t-shirts making them soft as hell, but also liable to shrink a little. Check our printing process.
  • Tie-Dye: Pre-shrunk. Tie-dyed using a bleach/water mix. Extra-long wash cycle. Low-tumble dry cycle. Interested in our tie-dye process.


  • All our shirts are hott firreee, scoop them up before they retire!!
  • Handling Time: Normally, 2-5 days after purchase.
  • Shipped by: USPS + tracking #


  • Be a part of Project Bad-A$$ and send us somthing to post on our social media, learn more.
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  • Insta: Tag/DM @dxxdle
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